Can History be fun?


Today we all sat down and talked about Human History referring this gigantic book and extended on to documentaries and to far fetched probabilities and gradually students came up with their own version of ‘What might have been?’s. Young anthropological minds were churning up beautiful and logical stories which one day might become a theory.

So, Can history be fun?

I say : Why not? It is the most important and interesting story that could be told.

Students: Is it all true?

Teacher : Of course not! There are many theories and ideas. Some might be true and some might be false. But we can reach to a probabilistic truth, not an actual one.

Student(Joyce) : So, why is history so important to learn? Why we need to know what happened a million years ago?

Teacher (Anu Mam):  Do you know how many English alphabets are there?

Student : Yes. 26.

Teacher : Suppose no one ever told you about the letter ‘Z’. Would you be able to use Z in any way possible? Can you make any word using Z when you do not even know what Z is?

Student: Hmmm…

Teacher : So, same way we can’t use the knowledge from past if we do not have it. But may be if we have the knowledge we could use it for our future.

Oh! What a day it was. Many more interesting questions and answers were discussed during this cool session of History. Kids told Jas Sir how much they enjoyed History class.

Such a wonderful place for me to be. This is me sitting outside in the School Area and writing this blog. See you next time. Thanks for visiting us here. Check out Our School WebsiteIMG_20160510_182556



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