Journey Begins…

Today is a new day for me. 2nd May 2016. I am a new teacher here. As I walk into the La Wisdom facility (I have trouble calling it a school for the burden this name carries). This particular facility (school) has a very unique way of teaching.

As soon as students come, they are encouraged to read. They can read any book of their choice. There is no ‘Silence’ sign in any room and there are so many wonderful books that kids read while sitting on bean bags or mini chairs or on the carpets among friends and share their stories surrounded by laughter and cheer. If they have trouble with a word they can ask their elder friends. I was heartened by this.

Then the summer camp activities started as its summer holidays now. But since there are less no of children per teacher, each child gets individual attention and the teachers get a chance to know the likes and dislikes of each child and tailor the subject accordingly. If a child likes Doraemon then the teacher might teach using Doraemon references.

Today we had fun with photography. All kids were excited about that. Every picture could tell a story. Every picture could have a depth and inner charm if clicked correctly. So, I taught them how to hold the camera, what is aperture, shutter speed, and other basic rules of photography. And how much fun it is to click patterns and reflections.

Later kids learned about Warli art. We discussed the history and technique used by the ancient Warli tribesmen and women. Many kids enjoyed painting detailed village men and their festivals, everyday events. Some kids are a natural when it comes to this art form. And others might be better at other art forms. So our idea was not to push children in one direction or other. We wish to introduce all possible art forms so children have exposure to such ideas and can explore more on their own. We wish to make the kids as independent as possible so they shine like brilliant stars not just moons reflecting off of someone else’s sunshine.


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