Art Therapy


Art Therapy is about using art to heal people of all ages, and can improve the physical, emotional and mental state of most people. It can help in self-discovery, stress relief, dealing with a loss, developing social skills and/or self-actualization. It can also be used to treat mental illness, autism, trauma, short attention-span and anger/aggression issues.

Art Therapy is based on fact that even if we ARE NOT consciously aware of certain feelings and emotions, they will often show themselves in our artistic creations for example, abused child creating dark and unhappy looking pictures.

Art therapy is simply expressing your feelings through art, express anything you want, nothing is wrong and you can keep it to yourself or share it with a therapist. Art therapists are there to facilitate a patient’s understanding of self, rather than to make determinations about a patient’s artistic ability.

Two Step Process of Art Therapy-

1. Pick up a color, let your intuition guide you on what to draw. let it be abstract or whatever and Keep drawing until you no longer have anything in your mind. 

2. Come to have a look at it after some time, and see what it indicates, identify, express and understand psychological states and processes. An art therapist can usually help the artist interpret his pieces, which can help him gain valuable insight on certain aspects or issues in his life. 

Improving a person’s well being is typically the primary goal of art therapy. Everyone can benefit from art therapy, however children generally seem to respond to this type of therapy the best.

Live with Song in heart!


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