Punishment; no Pros, all Cons!

At La  Wisdom, we have nothing to do with reward or punishment. Here we are in the quest of coming upon inner spring, which is the eternal source of self motivation and self regulation!


The funny conditioning of the world regarding punishment amazes me to the core, as falsely mot of us believe some form of punishment is desirable, however the fact is far from different.

Punishment is the action of imposing something unpleasant in response to an unwanted or wrong behavior.  We should be aware that punishments affect different people in different ways. Punishment tends to rapidly stop problem behaviors, the teacher in turn is positively reinforced for using it (Martens & Meller, 1990). So appears a powerful strategy on the surface, but it is very destructive and thoughtless way of handling the situation. Here we talk about punishment; no Pros, all Cons!

We have been conditioned to think that punishment is what helps humans decide to do the right thing, can lower the occurrence of wrong behavior, teach a lesson, in order to bring discipline and be a good person in future. but is it true? We think so simply because punishment as reaction comes automatically. That’s a bleak view of human nature, it turns out to be dead wrong.

Researches indicate punishment is generally accompanied by significant negative side effects like drop in positive attitude, poor attendance and performance, negative perception of teachers etc. to name a few.

All studies prove, children who are punished, there inner spring is destroyed. They are less likely to make positive moral choices. Their self esteem takes a toll. Root of all righteousness lies in self realized action and punishment denies any self realization, as mind gets caught in reactionary behavior like, blaming others.

  • Punishment brings focus on “consequences” and its suffering, makes the subject feel as victim, rather than the consequences of  unwanted behavior done to someone else, hence gives birth to more reactionary behavior as blames, complains and so on.
  • Punishment labels one as bad person, which is always a self-fulfilling prophecy, so there is more likelihood of repeating of  bad behavior.
  • Punishment fosters dishonesty as most important thing one learns is, next time no one should come to know about it.
  • Receiver always feels punishment is unfair, hence unconscious message that goes is power is what I need.
  • Punishment creates separation, isolation a felling of disconnection.
  • Punishment doesn’t help to resolve that thought pattern or emotions, which carried out the unwanted act in first place. Act may still continue.

Loving guidance, which includes limits, set with empathy is the right way to deal with unwanted behaviors. Connection, Bonding & Modeling the right behavior, with whole lot of love is the way for righteousness to be.


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