The Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method

At La Wisdom, we embrace the Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method,  It implies, educator is one who assists the child in course of his fundamental development for him to live the way he is meant to live. It is to help unfold the child’s development, guiding the natural energies of the child to attain maximum potentiality and to bring out the best in him.


There should be no superiority complex as she is just being an aid. She has to be modest, helpful, humble and loving.

The Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method is all about having power with the child not about power over child. Role of educator is to go on removing obstacles in the path of unfolding of potential of the child. Its a very non violent approach. ” The Directress’s motto is ‘I must decrease so that she may increase’! The role of the educator is to help plan assisting environments and activities where flowering can happen.


The learner is an individual with unique needs, pace and styles, prepared environment and educator   must allow for and encourage individual responsibility and action. Its about showing their faith in the her, the adult’s confidence affects the learner’s self belief.

The adult’s presence has a dramatic effect on the learner The Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method aims to lessen the impact by working indirectly.

 The Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method is about Trust towards the child! It recognize that child has powers from within. The child has the capacity and the capability of developing himself.

Education which directs a learner’s timetable and pushes it’s own version, tries to mould and shape the learner from outside is an instrument of oppression and violence which aims at breaking the will, silencing the inner voice and preventing the true nature of the individual being fully revealed.


The Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method is all about, ensuring that the Prepared Environment stimulates child’s freedom and allows child to work at boosting her freedoms and creativity.

Assistantial approach is also about unobtrusive help. Its like taking care, when child is on his own educational journey of unfoldment of the potential.

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