Tibetan Singing bowls meditation at La Wisdom

Mornings are beautiful and much more so at la Wisdom! Once all the children have arrived and read for some time, and kind of felt the affectionate silence of the ambiance, they now move to auditorium where we all are eagerly waiting for, “Tibetan singing bowls meditation”.

All children relate to it, they focus on their breath.


They are encouraged to feel the sounds till they vanish into surroundings, they are encouraged to feel the sounds, through various parts of the body, and see where they connect it most. Live symphony of multitudes of  sounds created by various bowls sets the tone of beautiful day. We ride on waves, we rest in the silence between the notes. This follows with Sanskrit Chants, which follows with the meaning!

Its a sound healing Session! It is to help children learn mindfulness, meditation and to help improve their concentration levels.

Now they are ready to absorb the academics and embrace the rigor it takes to be the maestro!

Welcome to the beautiful world of http://www.lawisdom.info

Journey Begins…

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