Celebrate Educational Journey at La Wisdom, Koramangala Bangalore!

Dear Friends I invite you to experience the best possible education in 21st Century at La Wisdom, Koramangala Bangalore!

I Jas Ahuja take this opportunity to welcome you all  to share & spread the wisdom to rest of the world! 



La Wisdom is a special Unique Out of the box, Creative Flexible education center at Koramangala Bangalore India. Its a hybrid of J. Krishnamurti Philosophy, Montessori Method and 21st Century Education.
One to One Personalized Education in Caring Affectionate environment of Mixed age groups with Certified Trained, salt of the earth educators makes it best possible education in 21st Century. 
At La Wisdom, Koramangala Bangalore, we have no uniform, no regimentation, no factory kind education, not even just teacher centered, neither just text book oriented paper pencil kind of education.
Rather we attempt in a Global classroom, Project & Research based Integrated and interdisciplinary, curriculum of real life & world problems, oriented towards student’s interest, learning style and pace. Text books are just one of the resources.
Teacher’s role as a facilitator is to inspire, excite, engage the students in the process of learning to learn, from access of information to creation of knowledge to flowering of wisdom.

Our smart students who stand tall to everything and all, sharpen and master 21st century skills like-
~Critical thinking and problem solving
~Collaboration and Team Work
~Initiative and entrepreneurship
~Agility and adaptability

Our students, go out in the world, do what they love to do, and do with love what is needed to be done. They  live with song in heart, take happiness along, wherever they go or wherever they are!

Heartiest Welcome to you all!


Tibetan Singing bowls meditation at La Wisdom

Punishment; no Pros, all Cons!




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