At La Wisdom Mental math is part of assembly time.

Jas Ahuja on Amazing Joy and benefits of mental mathematics!

Many times in assembly itself, after meditation, yoga  and chanting ,  we play with numbers, we throw numbers in air and at each other, we catch them, turn them around and throw in return, math becomes a play, a joyful phenomenon.

Web dictionary defines mental mathematics as “Computing an exact answer without using pencil and paper or other physical aids. Here we share by Jas Ahuja  Amazing Joy and benefits of mental mathematics!



Solving basic math problems in your head is a gateway to success in understanding and mastering higher mathematical fields such as algebra, statistics, and calculus. It’s a skill that offers other lifelong benefits, including

  • It gives you a unique edge in school or at work; makes for remarkable improvement in all the subjects.
  • It makes you worldly smart, look smart, do smart things in smart way.
  • Your skill to estimate becomes very good, as it uses same process as mental math.
  • It gives you on good grasp on “interaction ad play of numbers”
  • Oral calculations make for attentive listening. 
  • It helps you to attend, focus and concentrate better.
  • It makes you good at sport as it enhances your skill to anticipate and estimate.
  • If you are already good at math, practicing mental calculations make you genius.
  • It adds fun to your life
  • It leads to brain development, better understanding and enhanced memory
  • It makes your life beaming with confidence
  • It keeps your mind active and sharp at any age;
  • It improves your performance on all standardized tests; and
  • It helps you  to solve problems by using a variety of methods.

Mental mathematics also is valuable in real life situations, perhaps the best part is, its a real time fun in life.

Celebrate Educational Journey at La Wisdom, Koramangala Bangalore!

The Assistantial Approach of Montessori Method



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