At La Wisdom we are aware of 7 core errors in human thinking process!

Essence of human problems is absence of scientific mind, that we don’t live and move with facts. Almost all  of the problems and conflicts people face are sustained in part by distorted interpretations. People who feel insecure, hence anxious, low self esteem and so on  have a very negative outlook towards life and everything. There are  limitless number of distorted thoughts a person can have, about any number of subjects and situations, however, we can identify 7 core errors in human thinking process!


1. First error we make is by making extreme comparisons like Perfect vs. Useless, or using words like ‘never’ or ‘always’.

2. The second error is making sweeping generalizations about yourself, other people, or  life.

3. Seeing the world as hostile place full of critics, out to pull us down, dismissing the positive, selecting the negative and focusing on it.

4. Thinking ourselves as mind readers, generally assume negative, imagining the worst about how people think and predict how something might turn out.  Anxious mind sees world as dangerous place. If this didn’t happen or that happened.

5. Thinking in terms of “should be” and “must be”. Putting unrealistic expectations.

6. Labeling, Judging, concluding about people situations and living in prison of one’s own limited web of thoughts, far away from actual facts.

7. Personalized Thinking, emotional reasoning far away from facts, imagining you directly caused something to happen, or that something relates to you, when other forces may have been at work.

The way out is awareness of this limiting and destructive thinking pattern. to be choicelessly aware every time we are thinking in this pattern, is a liberating process. Unless we are serious about freeing ourselves from such limitation, nothing whatsoever can help us.

Gateway to learn social emotional skills, develop healthy relationships & careers!

Punishment; no Pros, all Cons!



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