It is “Learning disorder, disability, difficulty” or Specific Learning diversity (SLD)!

Before we talk about learning disorder or difficulty, let’s first understand what is learning.

Learning implies, knowledge, skills and attitude acquired through observation, study, experience, or being taught, which leads to change in behavior.

All human beings naturally learn, and  in various diverse ways, be it visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and so on. We all have some or the other special dominant style of learning, which is most easy and effective for us particularly. This happens because we all are wired in some or the other neural circuits in unique ways. So “Learning diversity” is fairly common and applicable to each single one of us. However, we may have a dominant style of learning but most of us can also learn through somewhat through all other styles too. Such a situation has lead to a typical  and conventional form of Teaching & Learning in our mainstream institutions, catering to the needs of 75% of us.

There are many of us, as much as 25%, who have difficulty learning in a typical mainstream manner or have trouble performing specific types of skills or completing tasks, if left to figure things out by ourselves or if taught in conventional waysImmediately the reaction to such a situation is, they are dumb, stupid or to say even in a refined way, have learning disability or learning disorder  or learning difficulty which are often used interchangeably. However, this does not exclude everyone having the ability to learn in a different manner.


For such people, their path to learn in a particular way may be very strong and the gates to other paths of typical learning are almost closed. Best way such people can be more accurately described as having a “Specific Learning Diversity”. By all means we need to avoid labeling them as disorder, disability or any kind of  possible negative stereotyping. Task of a true educator is to find out the unique learning style. This diversity may have or may not have clinical diagnosis but it still shall be called as  “Specific Learning Diversity”.

It is applicable to all, as all of us have learning Diversity and some of us have “specific Learning Diversity.”



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