You Matter, I Matter



We all learnt about matter in science class. Everything we see, touch, feel, smell including us, is matter. So, wouldn’t it be fun to know all about matter? And the session starts…

Kids had so much fun as they cut a piece of paper into the smallest piece possible. Sasha and Fyona did a wonderful job. We all had a look at it. We concluded that since paper is made of tiny paper particles, so all matter could be made of tiny particles(Atom).

We also learnt about the different states of matter. Solids, liquids and gases. We became solid as we hugged each other tightly. And it was difficult for someone to push us apart. Then we become liquids – we stood with a little space in between us, so when we asked Sasha to push us (the liquid formation) one molecule ‘me’ hit the next molecule ‘Fyona”. And Fyona hit the next one. So we concluded that liquid molecules have freedom to move around. And gases have full freedom like crazy balls. They keep on hitting each other and moving all around the room.

Finally everyone drew the particle arrangement in solids liquids and gases.

It was a fun day! Like always!

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