Lets burn it up!

unnamed.png Let’s make an explosion! Let’s burn it up! This is all I hear in science lab when I talk about experiments. Nonetheless I decided to give them the taste of something that starts an explosion. Explosion happens when the density of a substance rapidly increases and exceeds to a point that it cant be contained which sometimes happen due to heat.

So students at La Wisdom did an experiment to see the effect of heat on ammonium chloride. Pretty safe experiment. And we took precautions to do this one in open area.

All of them were really excited to this experiment. We learnt how this is a reversible reaction and what is sublimation. Students observed carefully as solid ammonium chloride was turning to gases ammonia and hydrogen chloride as white fumes. Students recorded their results and observations of this experiment.

Many more experiments are in store for these young curious minds.

Interested Students Contact us.

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