10 universal laws to live an Enlightened life by Jas Ahuja!

By enlightenment here I mean, the  realization of oneness, expressing itself as state of eternal balance, whatever happens. Living life in playful spontaneity in nowThere is only one way to enlightenment, Be enlightened now. All realization happens in now! It shall always be so, whenever it happens, it happens in now! All life happens in now. here we present a beautiful article “10 universal laws to live an Enlightened life by Jas Ahuja!!”


What you are now, is result of your understanding of life so far and decisions made based on your understanding. Your quality of life is, your level of understanding. You are always living the best of your understanding. To live beautifully, just keep enhancing the horizons, the depths and heights of your level of understanding.

Failure to enhance the heights and depths of the level of understanding, shall ensure suffering in life remains, no matter what you had, have or will have. When we understand universal laws, happiness is natural. All judgments will fail you…on the path of freedom! Judgments enslave and bind you! So observe and participate in life without judgement.


Understand 10 universal laws for being an Enlightened life-

Whatever we are, we are only responsible, as we attract and  manifest what our inner state is.

You can’t meet darkness with more darkness, we need light!

Whatever we focus on comes to life, goes on expanding!

If there is a beginning, there is ending too, for new to begin.

Division implies conflict.

Effort binds, leads to more effort and you are enslaved forever.

You experience what you believe and that strengthens your belief further, you are enslaved eternally.

Everything that happens, is the best possible thing that could have happened. Nothing else could have been more benefiting.

As Universe is in expansive continuum for 18 billion years or so.., and we are the universe..

We are the authors of our own destiny, as the way we choose to respond to any event, situation or occurrence, it is always based on understanding we carry!


For an Enlightened life, the Illusions you need to be free of-

Psychological security is illusion, there may be somewhat physical security.

Psychological evolution with time is illusion. You remain what you are with time, however technologically there is evolution.

Permanency is illusion. Universe life all is flux.

If you understand and imbibe the above in your daily life, you are the light unto yourself for life all around!

Live Enlightened  life with song in heart!

Read more: http://songinheart.com/10-universal-laws-to-live-an-enlightened-life-by-jas-ahuja/#ixzz4I3mTtVSw


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