La Wisdom Model!

The philosophy and approach to best education in 21st Century!

The philosophy and approach to best education in 21st Century, La Wisdom Model!

Research shows that traditional classrooms and their rigid structure can, in fact, be detrimental to students’ ability to learn and ultimately succeed in life. It rather destroys them, somewhere within and takes toll on self-esteem for most of them. Academic pressures, peer pressures, parental expectations and media influence leave very little room for independent thinking. We at La Wisdom promote love and respect for life,  dialogue, questioning, enquiry, the quest for finding out “what is right” hence cultivating the child’s intelligence and own natural urge to learn. This leads to widening of horizons of understanding and hence the flowering of goodness, peace and happiness.


Our philosophy aims to provide a high quality, one-to-one education with awareness and respect for the individuality. Teaching is tailored to suit inner needs, allowing the child to learn by his or her own choice and at his or her own pace.  We make full utilisation of  sensitive periods when the child shows an unusual ability to acquire particular skills compared to any other time in his life.   Children would rather work than play when given a choice between toys and stimulating work, children have fantastic powers of concentration, if properly stimulated. Hence we utilize for each  mixed age group working with Montessori material, which includes error-control factors that the child can understand without having to be told, once mastered, it helps the child to work with abstractions. There is an important correlation between muscular activity and learning, so freedom of movement is integral part of learning process at La wisdom.

We follow Mixed age group as  next to learning from one’s own experience, the child learns best from other children. Therefore, children are grouped in three-year age groups to give children a series of models for imitation and older children the opportunity to reinforce their own knowledge by helping younger children.
We ensure we are a small set up, so that our teachers know their students, because of this, we are quickly aware if
challenges arise and move quickly to resolve any perceived issues. No student is left behind
or falls through the cracks.

Together we all look forward to ensure, we leave this world, more intelligent, beautiful and happier then we found it!

The philosophy and approach to best education in 21st Century, La Wisdom Model!

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