Stillness is the meditation, your soul is seeking!

Some noises of traffic sounds, filling the air from a highway far away. More stillness to the night I added, with the barking of  a distant dog. My tea is getting cold soon as the breeze is bit cooler tonight here. Looking at the starlit clear sky in this midnight hour, I am wondering, which is deeper, stillness out there or stillness in my being in here, or it is the same stillness, permeated all around. Stillness is the meditation, your soul is seeking!
We all are one! Expression of same oneness, we come from stillness and we merge in stillness!
When we realize stillness, we are the stillness, then there is no birth no death, its just stillness. Then this world becomes a play, it is Leela!

If we don’t realize in our life this beautiful stillness, this life is wasted. This stillness is beauty, this stillness is freedom, it is meditation.

When we are in meditation, we realize whole existence has been movement in meditation only.

Whatever may be our lifestyles, work, functions or so called responsibilities. We should take time out as and when possible, to be in commune with the existential stillness around us. The best way is to just sit in silence, let this silence deepen, watch observe, whatever is happening in this silence. No need to judge, evaluate, name or ride on any happening. Just simple silent watching and watching.

Its like allowing thoughts and emotions to settle down. So we simply let go, simply relax and stillness connects with us now more and more. This stillness is the inner richness. This is to be connected with treasures of treasures.

This stillness, is the silence in which all noises happens. This stillness is the formlessness in which all forms manifest. 

Let this stillness be part of your daily life. Let yourself play in this world from the background of this stillness. Stillness is the meditation, your soul has been seeking!


live with song in heart!

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