Teaching Strategies for children with difficulty in learning…

Researches and experience have been proving that we can teach students with learning difficulties to “learn how to learn.” We can take them into a position to hold on their own. Here we discuss Teaching Strategies for children with difficulty in learning…


First and foremost five sweeping guidelines are to, make student work around his or her interest area,  break learning into small steps, model instructional practices that we want students to follow, Start with heavily teacher mediated instruction and then move on to student mediated instruction and the fifth one is keep it short and simple.

This requires specific, directed, individualized, intensive remedial instruction for students who are struggling. Now we list out the 5 strategies for various kinds of difficulties in learning category wise.

a) If the student has difficulty learning by listening-

  • Utilize visualization, use diagrams, graphics and pictures to augment what they say in words;
  • Dumb Charades,
  • Pre-teach difficult vocabulary and concepts
  • Teach the use of acronyms to help visualize lists
  • Keep it short and simple & concise

b) If the student has difficulty expressing himself verbally-

  • Stress on key words
  • Provide written as well as oral directions
  • Let them write or draw and explain
  • Ask questions requiring short answers
  • Exhibit or showcase

c) If the student has difficulty reading written material-

  • Read it very slowly for them, allow a peer or parent to read text aloud to student
  • Enlarge the font,
  • break down syllables,
  • Add colors to focus
  • Record the content, help the student visualize what is read


d) If the student has difficulty writing legibly-

  • Correct the formation
  • Do lots of gross and fine motor skills exercises
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Ask oral questions
  • Reduce or omit assignments requiring copying


e) If the student has difficulty expressing himself in writing-

  • Focus on oral expression, which generally t such students comes easily
  • Impersonate, like someone else writes for him
  • Utilize more of multiple choice types
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Focus on projects, where most of the learning is by doing

Read more: http://songinheart.com/teaching-strategies-for-children-with-difficulty-in-learning/#ixzz4I9Y0br1m


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