7 Secrets of living life King Size!

When there are no worries or desires and being is carefree
And the one who doesn’t need a thing, is the King of Kings!


For such a life,

  • Humor, smile, laughter is the way of life, says no to nonsense now, not knowing what tomorrow brings and how.
  • Love is the way, Loves oneself, Doing what one loves while living with loved ones!
  • Gratitude, Thankfulness, Wishes, Blessings, Sharing, Generosity, Kindness is the natural lifestyle.
  • Life is ongoing quest  of learning and finding out what is right, one observes without judgement, all mistakes are opportunities to learn, Embraces change, participates in life. Goes on deepening the horizons of understanding, intellectual, contextual and holistic understanding.
  • Health is wealth, one eats healthy, exercises, plays, does yoga, meditation and so on.
  • At functional level, one knows one’s goals and responsibility, work towards them in focused way optimizing utilization of Energy, time and resources.
  • All life is in now,

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