Teachers Day at La Wisdom

Today it was one of the most beautiful day of my life…
Started my day by receiving toddlers n teachers in the morning…
Senior Assembly in auditorium and young one’s singing upstairs filled the peaceful ambiance.

Parents were walking in with gifts and sweets as it was teacher’s day celebrations..greetings n hugs started the day
Had few rounds of stand up meetings with teachers, sorted out issues n challenges…and then music sir took over with singing practice with children.
entire auditorium was filled with sweet voices n guitar music.
Then cake was cut, chocolates rained Guru Vandana was sung by children…
Then the best part started…
I sent all teachers to surprise outing, PVR for movie to have teachers day out n I decided to take care of whole school for rest of the time…
While made filter coffee for Latha mam in huge mugs and read a lot with Bhavish(7 yr) the hero. As she also left… our
toddlers played to their heart, hifliers did math Sumith was leading the class.
Ambassadors practiced math n history presentations….
Kushal the sweet one n me had lunch n played together…Adyn yet another cute child, we worked on stories.
All children helped in winding up the place n making it in order….
Then the gardening started and a few children got engaged in sowing seeds and tending the garden….

Kushal Adyn Juan and many other continued learning in fun…
I felt myself in butterfly farm…in temple of Love n wisdom…. there was happiness around…
children were ecstatic. …
culminated with meeting with Sasha (6yrs), as She had some concerns…😌
weather was amazing….
My heart was filled with joy….Spring in my soul..
What a paradise is our La Wisdom….


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