My First Day at La Wisdom, Bangalore

My first day at La Wisdom, Bangalore was a wonderful experience ,because this style of teaching is something new to me in personal. I wish to see many more school of such kind in the days to come.It’s  not only making the learning interesting, but also make the student more creative in each and everything that is assigned to  them at class as well as in other  social institution  they are part of.

Generally the days is divided into four parts:

It starts with the spiritual dimension in the assembly time which leads to language hour that follows with core academics culminating with life skill class.

when we talk about maths classes most of them find it difficult, but the way in which the maths class is conducted in a Montessori set up is totally different from the other educational institution. The maths classes at Montessori is taught in a different way using the Montessori materials which makes maths subject interesting.

It was a day filled with lot of fun and learning. looking forward to tomorrow.

Prof. Ranga

Discussed on collaboration, team building with some activities related to the topic ,was helping the student’s to know about team building as well as how to work in a team.




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