Beautiful day at La Wisdom

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“I am not perfect but I am a Limited Edition” this is the attitude that the students and teachers at La wisdom is blessed with. 

The  day start with meditation and song which gives the soul to the universe wings to the mind. Flight to imagination and life to everything. Once after the assembly the students at La Wisdom are open to creative thinking which in turn helps the students to give their best in all things that they do.

The best part of today was two things one was the social duty and the other best part was the shopping .

Social duty was basically all about cleaning the class room and making sure the each and everything is kept  in  its respective places so that it would make the functioning of the school to go on smoothly and also in turn will help the children to know the importance of keeping their rooms clean and neat. The whole social duty activity was carry on by the student at La Wisdom.

The second best part was the shopping done by the Student of La Wisdom. This particular outing helped the student to know more about how to purchase different items at the market and also helped them to put into practice the things that they have learnt in their mathematics class . It gave a lot of insight to the students which would help them in the days to come.

Looking forward many more fun learning.


Live with




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