EFT( Emotional Freedom Techniques) & NLP for La Wisdom Kids by Dr. Rangana!

Dr. Rangana demonstrated to our kids on some of the techniques on tackling Anger, stress , emotions and also demonstrated some techniques on how as an individual person we can try and change the negative thoughts into positive thoughts. The children at La Wisdom was  able to get some inputs on tackling their day to day issue with the help of the techniques demonstrated by her. It was wonderful to have Dr. Rangana demonstrate these techniques to our kids who would be able to put each of these techniques into practices  in their life.


In words of Dr Rangana….

I had a chance to share NLP and EFT with 10 year olds at La Wisdom Koramangala Bangalore

When I asked the kids
1. What made them upset – they said people fighting
2. Do their parents get angry – yes
3. When do their parents get angry – which I am naughty and do not listen
4. Do you parents love you – yes only when I listen to them and they have to love me because I am their child

We used triad of success to feel confident
Hypnosis for relaxation
And in the group from EFT we also used
Tantrum tapping which they loved
Tarzen tapping to boost immune system
And EFT sequences

The reason this age group loved EFT tapping because it was out loud with hand gestures and interactive

We tapped on

*Even though mom and dad get angry with me when I do not listen I am still a very good child and my mom and dad love me very much*

*Even though mom and dad fight and it makes me feel sad and I feel bad mom and dad still love me*

*Even though I feel mom and dad love me only when I listen, may be mom and dad love me all the time when I listen and do not listen.*

The main theme in the end was to create the realisation that they are always loved.

We closed with a lying down guided visualisation of being hugged and loved by their mom and dad.

They left happy telling each other – you are the best with high five.

It also brought home to me the importance of equipping every parent with skills like journey, EFT and NLP for their own self care and also to help their children.

I feel one way to get parents more open to this kind of training is to conduct a survey with kids:

What makes your sad?
When do you get happy?
Do your parents love you?
What makes your parents angry?
What do you love about your mom and Dad?

I feel the survey will be an eye opener and create a much bigger need for parents to open to want to learn and share with their kids.

My closing remarks in the school at the end of the day was the following
1. Every day at assembly 2 mins of EFT – Tarzen and Tantrum
2. Develop a personal inventory for the kids – as in what are their amazing qualities and recognising the same in others

*One next step agree with the visionary director Jas Ahuja La Wisdom was to host a training for the teachers so that they can implement on themselves and kids.*

Tools for life
Transforming now


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