Nine “No”s of La Wisdom Education Model-

We feel a great joy in our journey of innovative education realm when we share the Nine “No“s of La Wisdom Education Model-


No Uniform or regimentation:

At La Wisdom there is not any kind of formal dress code. Children can come with any  kind of colourful dress, which they are comfortable with.
No Homework:

The children are not loaded with any homeworks. They are given homework only if the children voluntarily ask for homework, But at “La Wisdom” we are not happy about loading the children with homework. Let there be leisure…
No Comparison or Competition:

We function with snowflake paradigm. There is no comparison made between children. Each and every child is treated in a special way and all are considered to be unique in their own sweet ways. we also don’t have any kind of unhealthy competition.

No Rigid Timings:

There is no rigid timing that we follow. The school beginnings from  9 o’clock in the morning, but the children are allowed to come later.   There is flexibility when it comes to timings. We also don’t have rigid timing with the classes hours. A class if in flow can extend and next can be adjusted later. We practice flexibility n swift adjustment.

No Standardized Tests or Exams:

As we work in small groups, Student to teacher ratio is hardly 1:4, hence there is no standardized Tests or Exams at La Wisdom . The assessment are on the daily basis, feedback n corrective action is taken swiftly. If there is any testing that is purely personal.

No Fear or any Pressure:

Children are not loaded with lots of pressure from the teachers on doing some work. The children are allowed to carry out things that they are interested in at any point of time without any fear. Let the creativity bloom, let the intelligence flower!

No Mass Instructions:

We practice royal one to one learning suiting to one’s style and interest. There is no need of mass instruction to the children. Though we do practice diligence and inculcate the same.


No Limited Curriculum:

We don’t follow a limited curriculum. There is guideline of Montessori & IGCSE that we follow but are not limited by it.  A child can go as far as one  feels can refer moe books from other curriculum or research on the net and make beautiful presentations.

The curriculum at La Wisdom depends  on the needs of the children and also the relevant subject matters that  help them in their development. 

No Discrimination:

We take everyone along in inclusive integrated environment: There is no discrimination on the race, caste,  creed, religion, language and so on. We simply take everyone along. 

Its the journey of Joy peace beauty to enhance it more and more!


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