A Stunning History class! Here History comes alive!

We at La Wisdom love history. We always have a new fun experience every time. People that never liked history wished they come here. Kids would sure love to be a part of this. Our teacher Mr.Jaspal singh came in our room. After our usual friendly talk about history, Mr.Jaspal told us story about the Mughal period with lots of anecdotes. History comes alive.


We all did not like the rulers that arrived after Akbar the great although after the story, he assigned each of us to play the character of a ruler from the Mughal period and to write about him.Then the stunning part was announced ‘We are doing a skit on the Mughal period’.Interesting enough, wait there is more fun. We all started discussing about how we would like the play. This discussion was great. We were even then assigned roles we will be playing in the skit.  WOW this was fun. Our dance teacher Miss.Bhumi  will be directing the skit. It is going to be the most exciting skit you have ever seen. Just stop by to see our skit and be stunned.

#Lawisdom #Alternative Education

-Joyce Ahuja


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