The Team at La wisdom….

Its a dream, where IITian, IIM passouts, Scientists, Experienced Montessorians, Passionate educators, Musicians, Artists and so on…. all coming together at one platform to actually work with just a few blessed children towards the cause of right education! Its a miracle in this world, the way it exists! I wonder at the wonder of it!


Our days at La Wisdom Bangalore are spent with kids of all ages, the older ones helping the younger ones and sometimes the other way around. First lessons in writing may happen by keeping a journal at school.
In guidance of IITians early math and problem-solving could be tackled by menu-planning and budgeting for a trip to idly shop nearby..
Science becomes a hands-on exploration with practicals and experiments around everything by Neuroscientist from OSAKA Japan. We learn the intricacies of gardening in the school organic kitchen garden with the treehouse.
Life-lessons are taught by the Professor from ISB Hyderabad, students and teachers discuss issues affecting the school in weekly meetings, and we keep afloat to keep the school alive within the public school system. These methods are far from the conventional, sit-at-your-desk-and-do-a-worksheet norms, but it works in creating an amazing output and foundation for happy humanity.


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