Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher

Times have changed…. Society has undergone an accelerating pace of change in economy and technology. The gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need is becoming more obvious. No pupil in the history of education is like today’s modern learner. Students are to be prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments!

Creates Learner-Centred Classroom

Personalized Instructions

Media Technology savvy
Collaborative Teaching/Cooperative Learning
Keeps Learning
Project Based Learning- Multi-Disciplinary
Real-Time, Real-World, Flexible
Ensures Student Ownership/Engagement
Brings about Global Citizenship/Leadership/Personal Responsibility : inner strength to make decisions and to take personal responsibility for the consequences of those decisions
Enjoys Mastery of Curriculum/Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills
Fun element
Reporting is Celebration
  • Students will report out to peers, school staff, and the larger community:
  • What they learned
  • How they addressed the problems or issues
  • Their final products. ..

Live with song in heart!


Jas Ahuja on 20 facts of Autism!

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a bio-neurological developmental disability,  that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges that generally appears before the age of 3.  The learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities of people with ASD can range from gifted to severely challenged. Some people with ASD need a lot of help in their daily lives; others need less. Here we share, Jas Ahuja on 20 facts of Autism!


1. People with ASD may communicate, interact, behave, and learn in ways that are different from most other people. 

2. A diagnosis of ASD now includes several conditions that used to be diagnosed separately: autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and Asperger syndrome. These conditions are now all called autism spectrum disorder.

3. Autism is approximately four times more common in boys than in girls.

4. Individuals with autism typically have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities

5. No two people on the autism spectrum are alike.

6. It may be caused by a genetic susceptibility to an environmental insult.

7. The genes themselves may have been affected by something in the environment, even before conception. 

8. 1 out of 50 children suffer from autism.

9. The average delay in obtaining a diagnosis of autism is generally 16 months. The delay refers to the time between a parent’s first suspicion of something being not quite right with their child and obtaining a diagnosis.

10. Individuals with autism often suffer from numerous co-morbid medical conditions which may include: allergies, asthma, epilepsy, digestive disorders, persistent viral infections, feeding disorders, sensory integration dysfunction, sleeping disorders, and more.

11. About 40% of children with autism do not speak. About 25%–30% of children with autism have some words at 12 to 18 months of age and then lose them. Others might speak, but not until later in childhood.

12. The rate of autism has steadily grown over the last twenty years, Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder.

13. Currently there is no cure for autism, though it is treatable with early intervention (is the key), the diverse symptoms related to autism can be greatly improved and in some cases completely overcome.

14. About 5% of all children with autism are likely to carry the Fragile X gene on the X chromosome.

15. The economic cost of autism now is 20 Billion/year, in one country Australia.

16. Typical ASD behaviors include stereotyped actions (hand flapping, body rocking), insistence on sameness, resistance to change and, in some cases, aggression or self-injury.

17. Individuals with ASD suffer from cognitive impairments, though some have typical or above average IQs.

18. Through twin studies, scientists have determined that autism is a genetically based condition. For example, if one identical twin has autism then there is an 80-90% chance that the other twin will also be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  The chance that fraternal twins will both be affected by ASD if one twin is afflicted is approximately 3-10%.

19. All children with autism can benefit from early intervention, and some may gain enough skills to be able to attend a mainstream school. The most effective treatments available today are applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and occupational, speech and physical therapy, which have proven to be the most effective.

20. Although autism is commonly diagnosed in children, it is possible that an ASD does not go diagnosed until adolescence or adulthood. In this population, autism manifests itself as difficulties in socialization, atypical communication, and restricted mental flexibility.

  • Anxiety in social situations
  • Trouble empathizing
  • Difficulty understanding body language, gestures, facial expressions, social innuendos
  • Trouble forming and maintaining relationships
  • Difficulty making conversation (particularly chatting, making small talk)
  • Trouble understanding or practicing socially appropriate behaviors
  • Trouble understanding double meanings
  • Anxiety in group settings
  • Tendency to interpret information too literally
  • Difficulty making eye contact
  • Restricted or unique interests (such as obsessions with dictionaries or encyclopedia facts)
  • Obsession with rigid routines and sameness
  • Trouble making plans for the future

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The Team at La wisdom….

Its a dream, where IITian, IIM passouts, Scientists, Experienced Montessorians, Passionate educators, Musicians, Artists and so on…. all coming together at one platform to actually work with just a few blessed children towards the cause of right education! Its a miracle in this world, the way it exists! I wonder at the wonder of it!


Our days at La Wisdom Bangalore are spent with kids of all ages, the older ones helping the younger ones and sometimes the other way around. First lessons in writing may happen by keeping a journal at school.
In guidance of IITians early math and problem-solving could be tackled by menu-planning and budgeting for a trip to idly shop nearby..
Science becomes a hands-on exploration with practicals and experiments around everything by Neuroscientist from OSAKA Japan. We learn the intricacies of gardening in the school organic kitchen garden with the treehouse.
Life-lessons are taught by the Professor from ISB Hyderabad, students and teachers discuss issues affecting the school in weekly meetings, and we keep afloat to keep the school alive within the public school system. These methods are far from the conventional, sit-at-your-desk-and-do-a-worksheet norms, but it works in creating an amazing output and foundation for happy humanity.

Do not struggle to make everyone like you!



Howsoever good may be your intention or deeds….All People aren’t going to agree with you. All aren’t going to like you. It may be based on a difference in their beliefs, or it might be because of an underlying insecurity of theirs that you’re bringing to the surface. Or they might Jas be jealous.

Whatever the reason, you got to be comfortable living with the hate and not struggling to make everyone like you. Sacrificing your principles to appease others will only create incongruencies in your character – and make you seem weak to everyone else.

Magical Math in Masti Way at La Wisdom!

After eating our snacks we all were energized and sat in our classroom. Mr.Jaspal, our math teacher came in and told we are going to have magical math today. I had a feeling of something good going to come. There were two teams, so everyone could get a chance.We all started with mental maths, we all answered the questions so fast. Next we were asked questions with powers, they were tough but we managed to answer them.Then we were asked Bodmas questions we used our notebooks for these since they were pretty long. We knew so much we never thought we knew. This was indeed fun I must say. Everyone answered it was great!

-Joyce Ahuja

A Stunning History class! Here History comes alive!

We at La Wisdom love history. We always have a new fun experience every time. People that never liked history wished they come here. Kids would sure love to be a part of this. Our teacher Mr.Jaspal singh came in our room. After our usual friendly talk about history, Mr.Jaspal told us story about the Mughal period with lots of anecdotes. History comes alive.


We all did not like the rulers that arrived after Akbar the great although after the story, he assigned each of us to play the character of a ruler from the Mughal period and to write about him.Then the stunning part was announced ‘We are doing a skit on the Mughal period’.Interesting enough, wait there is more fun. We all started discussing about how we would like the play. This discussion was great. We were even then assigned roles we will be playing in the skit.  WOW this was fun. Our dance teacher Miss.Bhumi  will be directing the skit. It is going to be the most exciting skit you have ever seen. Just stop by to see our skit and be stunned.

#Lawisdom #Alternative Education

-Joyce Ahuja

Amazing Math Class on the Roads & Idli shop

16508785_10210089760713747_1622884289673123157_n.jpgToday, we all were sitting in our class when Mr.Jaspal, our math teacher entered the classroom. We greeted him “Good Morning”. He told us we are going to learn about measurement and estimation.

We wrote names of nearby places like the Tailor shop, the idly shop and few more places. First, we estimated in meters, the distance to the places. Then he told us we are going to go to these places and measure the distance to see if we were correct and we can even eat food at the idly shop!! We all were very excited to reach to the idly shop. We even estimated the price we will need to spend. After we all finished the estimation it was time for the measurement part! Mr.Jaspal told us that when we take two steps and it will equal to one meter. We took our pen and notebook and all of us stood outside our classroom in a file. He said “Start”, we all started walking towards the school gate counting our steps. After a minute we reached the school gate. We wrote down the measured distance and saw the different answers we found!

It was really a new lesson to learn! Next, we all started walking to the next distance ‘the first right turn’. We walked on the footpath. After we reached the first right turn we wrote the distance in our notebooks. Mr.Jaspal came on his bike on the road! He followed us making notes and reaching each destination! Alas, we all reached the idly shop. We all more glad than ever. Some of us ate curd rice, some ate idli and most of us ate plain dosa. We all had so much fun, we ate and talked it was a great experience we all enjoyed! We drank water and started counting the distance from the idly shop! This was so fun eating and learning at the same time! We went till the first left turn then the Mantri classic gate wrote down the distance, then we came back to our classroom and relaxed!




– Joyce Ahuja








Insights into Fear to go Beyond it!


An ambitious mind is a fearful mind!

If you can really relax in life, without any fear, you truly contribute to human happiness!

Nothing confines, like Fear does! It confines your soul even!

Only one thing if you can do is enough in life to make it the life of Blissful joy.
See to it, that there not any kind of fear in your consciousness!

Fearful mind is denied all natural intelligent functioning!

A fearful mind is negative mind, it will interpret everything as threat and react neurotically and hence will fulfil its belief and prophecy. It will end up destroying itself and surroundings around!

A fearful mind is only interested in immediate and instant gratification,
It will cut the very branch on which it is sitting!




Nine “No”s of La Wisdom Education Model-

We feel a great joy in our journey of innovative education realm when we share the Nine “No“s of La Wisdom Education Model-


No Uniform or regimentation:

At La Wisdom there is not any kind of formal dress code. Children can come with any  kind of colourful dress, which they are comfortable with.
No Homework:

The children are not loaded with any homeworks. They are given homework only if the children voluntarily ask for homework, But at “La Wisdom” we are not happy about loading the children with homework. Let there be leisure…
No Comparison or Competition:

We function with snowflake paradigm. There is no comparison made between children. Each and every child is treated in a special way and all are considered to be unique in their own sweet ways. we also don’t have any kind of unhealthy competition.

No Rigid Timings:

There is no rigid timing that we follow. The school beginnings from  9 o’clock in the morning, but the children are allowed to come later.   There is flexibility when it comes to timings. We also don’t have rigid timing with the classes hours. A class if in flow can extend and next can be adjusted later. We practice flexibility n swift adjustment.

No Standardized Tests or Exams:

As we work in small groups, Student to teacher ratio is hardly 1:4, hence there is no standardized Tests or Exams at La Wisdom . The assessment are on the daily basis, feedback n corrective action is taken swiftly. If there is any testing that is purely personal.

No Fear or any Pressure:

Children are not loaded with lots of pressure from the teachers on doing some work. The children are allowed to carry out things that they are interested in at any point of time without any fear. Let the creativity bloom, let the intelligence flower!

No Mass Instructions:

We practice royal one to one learning suiting to one’s style and interest. There is no need of mass instruction to the children. Though we do practice diligence and inculcate the same.


No Limited Curriculum:

We don’t follow a limited curriculum. There is guideline of Montessori & IGCSE that we follow but are not limited by it.  A child can go as far as one  feels can refer moe books from other curriculum or research on the net and make beautiful presentations.

The curriculum at La Wisdom depends  on the needs of the children and also the relevant subject matters that  help them in their development. 

No Discrimination:

We take everyone along in inclusive integrated environment: There is no discrimination on the race, caste,  creed, religion, language and so on. We simply take everyone along. 

Its the journey of Joy peace beauty to enhance it more and more!